Walking Works Contest - MEUHP Districts

Congratulations to the 35 districts that participated in the MEUHP Fall Wellness Initiative: Walking Works for Wellness. Everyone's a winner when you are working toward the goal of better health!

Each district participating in the Walking Works contest invested at least $250 of district money to promote their employee walking program for a chance to win a $1,000 random prize drawing, as approved by the MEUHP Board of Directors. Over 500 MEUHP Walking Works T-Shirts were purchased by districts for their participating employees. Employees logged their miles and collectively MEUHP members walked over 80,000 miles to help improve their health and relieve stress. That's several times around the globe! The top walkers were the 35 members at Junction Hill who each walked an average of 324 miles this fall for a total of 11,371 miles!

The eight Regional $1,000 drawing winning districts are:

Region School District
NW Gallatin
NE Adair R-II
WC Midway
SW Junction Hill
SC Van Buren
SE Bernie
St. Louis Dunklin
Central Morgan County

The $1,000 is to be used for providing additional wellness activities/resources in the winning districts.

Central Region

Dr. Ken Wilson, Forrest T. Jones & Company Regional Director presents the $1,000 Wellness Works check to the Central Region Winner: Morgan County. Superintendent John French accepts the check on behalf of his District.
Southwest Region

Regional Director Lori Negri presents the Walking Works check to staff members of the Southwest Winner: Junction Hill.  Superintendent, John Dern accepts the check on behalf of the District.


West Central Region

The winning Midway School District team, along with Superintendent Gordon Myers and Walking Works enthusiast Carol Didier, is proud to accept the $1,000 check for the West Central Region.  Team 8 includes:  Brett Burchett, Elisha Ellis, Mary Beth Greife, Heather McCoy, Dick Smalley and Sandy Bowen.



Northwest Region

Gallatin School District plans to use their $1,000 Wellness check on an all day health fair scheduled early next year.

Pictured left to right are three wellness committe members:  Kelly Walker, Susan Allen, Jenny Adkison, Dale Johnson, Forrest T. Jones Regional Director, Lynda Swopes and Superintendent Dennis Croy.


Southeast Region

Bernie School District is the Southeast Winner of the Walking Works contest.

Superintendent Doug Ruck and Payroll Supervisor Becky Freed accept the check presented to the District.