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MEUHP Resources

MORx Price Compare - Easily compare prices for Prescription Drugs in your area.

Preventive RX List

Wellness 1-1-2017 Earn Rewards for Better Health

Wellness 1-1-2017 Create Change on the Go

MEUHP One Child Rate

How to Register for MyAnthem

MyAnthem - Sign up for MyAnthem and access your health plan information, providers and more

Health Assessment (HA) - Information on Anthem's HA online

Anthem Care Comparison - Video tutorial on the cost comparison tool

Anthem Care Comparison Handout - Flyer with overview on cost comparison

Time Well Spent - Wellness Calendar with monthly resources for your staff

Special Offers @ Anthem

Identity Theft Information - AllClear ID services

Lumenos Website Demo - Overview of how the Lumenos HSA works

Deductible Credit Information

HSA - Health Savings Account



Wellness Education

Smokefree - Resources for quitting smoking.

Health fairs.



MRTA - bridge to a dream.